About us

Welcome to M N Engineering Mechanics, based in Banham, Norfolk. M N Engineering is owned and run by Matthew Nightingale. With over 11 years experience working with modern motor vehicles its safe to say Matthew is never happier than when under a car bonnet, it's not only his job, but also his passion.

We pride ourselves on providing a good quality mechanical service and advice to our customers.  We also like to ensure customers are kept informed regarding the work being undertaken on their vehicle, through  phone, text or e-mail, whichever is best for you.

If you have any questions about noises/unfamiliar lights on your vehicle dashboard feel free to give us a call, text or email us so that we can help advise you on the possible issues and help you get your vehicle back in working order.

MOT Preperation

Every car more than 3 years old is required to have an annual MOT test to ensure it's roadworthy. If your car fails the test it must be repaired in order to conform to the set legal standards.


At M N Engineering we can do your MOT and undertake any work on your vehicle to ensure it's legal and roadworthy. Throughout the MOT we will make you aware of areas of the vehicle that need attention as well as the costs involved to complete the required work.


As part of the MOT the vehicle will undergo various checks such as the horn operation, ensuring the exhaust passes the vehicles emissions test and checking tyres, brakes, steering, windscreens and mirrors.

Vehicle Repair

At M N Engineering we undertake all types of private, commercial and agricultural vehicle repairs. These repairs range from anything from our tyre fitting service to a complete engine replacement for your vehicle.


We also offer a 24/7 recovery service for our private and fleet customers.


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Vehicle Servicing

Ensuring your vehicle is regularly serviced is essential to the safety and reliability of your vehicle. We help many local customers- both individuals and businesses to maintain their vehicles in tip top condition. Newer vehicles that are kept to manufactures service schedule are maintained to the same standard. All replacement parts are of the highest standard.


We can provide two types of services in order to help maintain your vehicle, either a small service or full service. Whilst we undertake the service we also do spot checks on your vehicle which bring our attention to anything that may be deemed illegal or dangerous to yours and other road users safety.


Small Service with the small service we offer the following

  • General Check Over
  • Engine Oil & Filter Changed
  • Tyre Pressure Checked
  • Lighs, Washer and Wipers checked
  • All levels topped up
  • Service Indicator Reset
  • Full Service we offer all elements within the Small Service plus replacement of

  • Air, Pollen and Fuel Filter
  • Plugs Replaced
  • Rear and front breaks serviced
  • Gear box and axle levels checked
  • Door locks lubricated
  • Cambelt history checked if possible
  • Service indicator reset
  • Service book stamped
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    Do you have a question or problem with your car? Provide us with details of your problem along with contact details and we will respond to you shortly.

    Find us

    You can find us at Oak Tree Farm, Heath Road, Banham, Norfolk, NR16 2HS.  Take a look at the map below and if you need any further help with directions call us on 01953 887585.